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Post  Kiwi on Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:09 pm


If, for future covers, you guys need some art, then just ask me.
I know for some of the less popular/newer vocaloid, there is a severe shortage of art.

I'm pretty good at imitating styles and whatnot.
If you need an example then watch the duet of Kai and myself (Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance) the art of SeeU is mine (it's a pretty bad example though... I did it in 30 minutes because I wanted to upload it asap xD) Also most of my covers on my channel (AznCafe) use my own art.

I also have a DA:
But I haven't been on there for almost a year, I think. So... XD I would hope I have improved since then.

With Sarang~

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