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Post  Yukiko on Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:19 pm

If you need an animation, I'll be happy to offer to animate you a video.
Though I am not the best, I can definitely make something to spiff up your video.
Just send me a PM on YT, and I can fix up something if you give me enough time. >_<

I have Sony Vegas Pro 10(however it's worded).

It kind of sucks and stuff... :c
But I'll crank out a new one in a few weeks... >_<
I'm the animator of two other choruses, and be happy to offer YOU a great video.


Would you guys like a website?
We can organize everything there, and like list member profiles(food, vocal ranges, representation, likes, dislikes)/youtube account links and all that jazz.

Unless you don't like being stalked...or creeped...that'd be a problem.

I've been coding since I was ten years old, a good five to six years of experience.
I know HTML/CSS and I'm pretty sure I could make a site out of scratch for us.


I told you guys I'm a roleplayer, right(guilty pleasure that you guys might scoff at...)? >_< Well, these are banners and other things. I edit images and make them look...bad. 8D



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Airi's Offering Empty Re: Airi's Offering

Post  EfaltiA on Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:14 am

I actually think it's a great idea! (since I do love personalized things a lot)

But well, it's up to Master, teehee!

Personally, Thanks for your offer!~

PS: What is Entropia? I've read a text about it somewhere in my english textbook. Is that really an MMORPG?
Anyway, the sample vid looks beautiful =3 cheers

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